Robert McCabe on Literal 24 Hour Day Creation

My former Old Testament and Hebrew professor at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Robert V. McCabe, has authored 3 excellent posts over at SharperIron. In these 3 posts McCabe defends the position that God created in six literal 24 hour days. Check out his excellent posts here:

An Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View, Part 1

An Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View, Part 2

An Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View, Part 3

Also, be sure to check out McCabe’s excellent blog, Old Testament Studies.

7 Responses to Robert McCabe on Literal 24 Hour Day Creation

  1. Bob McCabe says:

    Allen, thanks for positively promoting my three posts at Sharper Iron. As things currently stand in evangelical thought, I am concerned that many evangelicals want to downplay the significance of God creating the heavens, the earth and all things there in six, successive 24-hour days.

  2. allenmickle says:

    Dr. McCabe,

    Not a problem at all. They are excellent, well-thought out, and simple studies of an important issue.

    I agree with you that many do want to downplay the significance of six 24-hour day creation. We even have found in our own church a few people who would question that. Even an older individual in our church with a great love for the Scriptures I spoke with seems to doubt.

  3. Bob McCabe says:

    I recently spoke in a strong Bible believing church. After the morning service, one of the leaders of the church attempted to show me where I was incorrect in defending six literal days in the creation week. As I explored the issue with this individual, it turned out that he had been strongly influenced by Gorman Gray’s The Age of the Universe. It is hard to believe that I have come across a number of Christians who have been influenced by this book. For a good critique of Gray’s book, check out

    Because of incidents like this, I thought it would be helpful for me to present something in a public forum where I defended the six 24-hour day interpretation of Genesis 1. It is much easier to refer people to what I wrote at Sharper Iron than to rehearse all the arguments.


  4. allenmickle says:

    Dr. McCabe,

    This whole thing to me seems so bizzare sometimes. A straightforward reading of Genesis presents 24 hour days. Why Bible believing Christians believe these (to borrow a phrase from Dan Wallace) “exegetical gymnastics” I will never know.

    I have never heard about this book by Gray but the critique of it is very thorough and helpful.

    Yes, it is great you presented this material on SharperIron so that it will get wide readership. Thank you for tirelessly pursuing the truth of a literal 24 hour, six day creation. I hope you will continue to have opportunities to present this at both the academic level (i.e, ETS) and at the local church level!

  5. Bob McCabe says:

    Hi Allen, I noticed that your links for my three articles are dead. Though it is probably neither here nor there at this point, I have pointed out the updated links in this post:

    This may be a moot point but I thought that I would point out the changes.

  6. allenmickle says:

    Dr. McCabe,

    Duly noted and corrected! Thanks!


  7. Bob McCabe says:

    Thanks, Alllen.

    One of the reasons for my concern is that we are living in a day where soteriological purity seemingly trumps biblical creation. I am convinced that if we give up on biblical creationism, we will eventually loose our soteriology.

    With these three articles, I have attempted to make the arguments as basic as possible for a reasonable and biblical explanation as to why God created the heavens, earth and all things therein in six consecutive literal day, followed by a literal seventh day.

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