White Horse Inn on Biblical Ignorance

My readers will know that I think a major problem in our churches today is not too much Bible teaching but not enough. People lack real basic knowledge of God’s program and the progress of redemption through the Scriptures. Even worse, they do not even know the basics like the books of the Old and New Testament, the 10 commandments and other basic things you learn in Sunday School.

You can see my thoughts about all this here in my previous post, Is Too Much Bible Teaching the Problem or the Solution?

Michael Horton and the White Horse Inn deal with this issue in this week’s broadcast called “Biblical Ignorance.” I highly recommend this broadcast and the ministry of White Horse Inn in general. The description reads:

In our own informal surveys conducted over the years, the majority Christians we’ve interviewed cannot name the Ten Commandments or define crucial biblical doctrines such as justification or imputation. So why is biblical ignorance so common among Christians today? That’s our discussion on this edition of The White Horse Inn (Originally Broadcast April 1, 2007).

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