His Word in My Heart – Book Review

A book review from my wife Tracy:

“His Word In My Heart” by Janet Pope is probably some of the most challenging and encouraging reading I have done concerning Scripture memory. Memorizing the Bible is one of those things we all know we should be doing, and yet we all struggle to do it. I have memorized Bible verses very randomly during my life, and sadly remember very little of what I labored to learn.

This book presents a different approach. Instead of trying to remember lots of random verses, Pope suggests memorizing passages of Scripture. That sounds really scary, until you actually try it. I have memorized Psalm 1 and Psalm 46 and am working on the book of Titus just in the time I have been reading this book. Learning chunks of Scripture helps you see the context and the flow of thought. This actually makes memorizing easier. Pope gives ample reasons why memorizing is important, gives her own personal testimony regarding Scripture memory, gives lots of tips and suggestions, and then walks the reader through memorizing Psalm 1 and the book of Titus.

Pope does not believe Scripture memory is optional, but that it is an essential part of growing in knowledge, renewing your mind, and knowing God in an ever-growing and deeper way. However, she writes in an intensely practical, friendly style. She does not guilt-trip the reader into believing he or she must do yet another thing to gain favor with God or to truly be a godly person.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Scripture memory, or to anyone who thinks they are not interested or is too scared to try. This book may just get you going on a new adventure, and you will certainly benefit from it!

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