The Mapmaker’s Children – Book Review

A review from my wife Tracy:

“The Mapmaker’s Children” is a fascinating story that connects two women across 150 years through an historical house. Sarah McCoy uses the physical location of a home to help two women learn who they are and what they each want out of life. Sarah is the daughter of John Brown. She is deeply involved in the abolitionist movement and uses her art to further her cause. She also has strong maternal instincts and finds ways to take care of children throughout her life. Eden is a modern woman struggling with infertility and trying to find her identity. By discovering an old doll in the basement of her historic home, she finds ways to connect with others and bring new meaning to her life and marriage.

The book reminds us all that our contributions to life do not need to be conventional or typical. Life has ups and downs, and even deep sorrow, but meaning and joy can still be found. Readers will be fascinated by the historical details, but also wrapped up in the lives of these two women, and will want to continue reading to the end to find the resolution each one finds.

I received this book free of charge from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

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