Promise Unfulfilled: The Failed Strategy of Modern Evangelicalism – A Review by Andy Naselli

October 19, 2007


Over at Andy Naselli’s blog, he has a very thorough and excellent review of my former theology professor at DBTS’ most recent book. Promise Unfulfilled: The Failed Strategy of Modern Evangelicalism by Rolland D. McCune is an excellent recent treatment that looks at Evangelicalism from a Fundamentalist perspective. Naselli’s review is excellent. But even better, McCune replies! This is great interaction over this excellent book. Check it out here.

“Take heed to yourself”: Abraham Booth (1734-1806)

October 19, 2007

As part of a “heads up” to all you Baptist Historians out there, I wanted to cite a passage from an ordination sermon preached by Booth at the ordination of Thomas Hopkins in 1784. It is found in Michael A. G. Haykin with Alison E. Haykin, eds.The Works of Abraham Booth (Springfield, MO: Particular Baptist Press, 2006), p. 69.

First the quote:

“Take heed to yourself, respecting the motives by which you are influenced in all your endeavours to obtain useful knowledge. For if you read and study, chiefly that you may cut a respectable figure in the pulpit; or to obtain and increase popular applause; the motive is carnal, base, and unworthy a man of God. Yet, detestable in the sight of Him who searches the heart as that motive is, there will be the greatest necessity for you to guard against it as a besetting evil. It is, perhaps, as hard for a minister habitually to read and study with becoming diligence, without being under this corrupt influence; as it is for a tradesman prudently to manage a lucrative business, without seeking the gratification of a covetous disposition: yet both the minister and the tradesman must either guard against these pernicious evils, or be in danger of sinking in final ruin.”

They don’t preach ordination sermons like that anymore! A strong reminder to those of us engaged in the work of the ministry!

Now the announcement:

Be on the lookout for a new volume on Booth to come out from Particular Baptist Press in the near future. Over at SBC Witness they had noted there was only one full-length treatment of Booth. Now, a multi-author work, with an introduction from John Briggs and papers by Sharon James, Kenneth Dix, Michael Haykin, Robert Oliver, and Aaron Menikoff, will be released shortly honouring the recent bicentennial of Booth’s death in 2006. These were papers presented at a recent conference last year dedicated to Booth.

So, be on the lookout for this major new work treating the life and thought of a key Baptist figure:

“The First Counsellor of our Denomination”: The Life & Ministry of Abraham Booth (1734-1806) edited by Michael A. G. Haykin with Allen R. Mickle from Particular Baptist Press.

Art and Soul Lectures Available Now

October 16, 2007


The Annual Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies regional conference in Cambridge, ON is now available for purchase as MP3’s.




Dr. Mark Coppenger, Pastor of Evanston Baptist Church in Evanston, IL and Professor of Apologetics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary presented 3 messages on the theme, Art and Soul: Spirituality and the Aesthetic. These were recorded and are now available on CD as 3 MP3’s. The lectures were:


The Soul of Art

The Soul of the Artist

The Soul of the Viewer


These are available for purchase from the Fuller Center for $10. If you are interested please contact me at:

416-925-3263 or

A Blight on Evangelicalism

October 15, 2007



Joel Osteen – A Blight on Evangelicalism


Evangelicals: Want to know why thousands of us are looking toward Rome? How bad can Marian dogmas and purgatory be in comparison to a movement that has tens of millions of people hailing Osteen as the great Christian proclaimer of our age? From Graham to Osteen. God help us. You cannot help but feel dirty.


Check out the full critique of the recent 60 minutes program on Osteen here.

Editing Services

October 15, 2007

Looking for an editor or proofreader for a paper, article, thesis, dissertation? Check out my editing site here at: Editing Services.

I have experience with this and in fact do the copy edit for Eusebeia: The Bulletin of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. Pass around the information to others who you think may need the help!

John Collett Ryland… Hyper-Calvinist?

October 11, 2007

Over at the blog of my boss, Michael Haykin, he has an interesting post about John Collett Ryland, father of John Ryland, Jr., famed Evangelical Calvinist and friend of Andrew Fuller, William Carey, Robert Hall, Jr., John Sutcliff, and Samuel Pearce. In it, he argues that Ryland, Sr. was not a hyper-Calvinist despite his notoriously difficult to historically reconstruct argument with William Carey (see my previous post on the issue here). I have always agree with Dr. Haykin that Ryland, Sr. was not a hyper-Calvinist for the reasons he lists. Yet, Dr. Malcom Yarnell, a professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, argues differently, and makes some good points. I am curious as to what others think? Was Ryland, Sr. a hyper-Calvinist or wasn’t he? You can see the post and interaction here.

Another Up-Date

October 5, 2007

Well, it seems like I cannot prevent myself from posting personal issues on the blog since Mark wants an up-date on what is going on in my life! He broke it down into three things: wedding, study, pastoral. Let me break them down for you further…


Well, things are going great between Tracy and I. In fact, they are going better than great! Tracy and I have been continuing to grow in our relationship with one another and moving more and more together in a serious way. Therefore, on October 27, I plan on seeking her father’s permission formally to marry her. She knows this so we’re all praying about it very hard. Then, probably sometime in November, I will propose (pending a positive verdict from Mr. Kuehne!). In fact, I took the ring to the jeweler last night to have resized!


Well, unfortunately I have had to put my studies officially on hold at the University of Wales. To be honest, it was a simple issue of finances. They wanted money, and I didn’t have any to give them. Dr. Haykin has tried to convince me to go down to Southern with him and do my PhD there, but even though that sounds very appealing, I’m not convinced it is going to work out. So, until the Lord finds it good to put me in a job that pays more, official studies are out of the question.


Many know that I was candidating at a church in New Jersey recently. After some last minute thinking and praying and seeking of wisdom from my “council of the wise” Tracy and I decided that church was not a good fit for us right now at this stage in our lives. So we continue to pray for the Lord to open doors. My time here at TBS ends the end of December with the departure of Dr. Haykin to Southern. Therefore, we are earnestly seeking the Lord’s will for ministry. There are a few options we are working on, but trust it will be in the Lord’s timing.

I know both Tracy and myself would covet your prayers in all three of these areas. Many blessings!

SGI National Conference

October 3, 2007



If you are a student and considering missions, make sure you consider attending this conference! In years past it has been challenging and encouraging. Make sure you make time to attend! They will have online registration up soon on their website so keep your eyes open!

The God who Draws Near: An Introduction to Biblical Spirituality

October 3, 2007



Available soon from Evangelical Press! Make sure you get yourself a copy!


The God who draws near is an attempt to recapture an understanding of true biblical spirituality and what that means for daily living. With so many ideas abounding of what spirituality is, both secular and religious, many are confused about what forms the basis of God-honouring spirituality. By going back to ‘the Source’ and mining the pages of God’s Word, Michael Haykin draws together the main threads of vital spirituality and provides the foundation for believers to anchor their lives in truth, faith and an active, growing relationship with God — that very God who was pleased to draw near to us through his Son. May these pages help you to draw near to him.

Dr Michael A. G. Haykin is Principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. He recently has accepted a full-time appointment at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY where he will be Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality. Michael is a popular conference speaker in North America and the UK. Michael is married to Alison and they have two children.

Endorsements for the Book!

‘Perhaps no other writer today has read as widely in both Christian history and Christian spirituality than Michael Haykin. The fruit of his study is evident in this book, for he not only feeds us a satisfying banquet of biblical teaching on Christian spirituality, he also garnishes it with savoury stories and quotations from Christian history. You’ll not find Haykin here re-inventing spirituality for the twenty-first century, but reconnecting us with the Scriptures and with wisdom of those who have walked with God before us and can give us wise counsel for walking with our timeless God in our own generation.’ Dr Donald S. Whitney, Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Senior Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, USA

‘Biblical and reformed spirituality was never more needed than in these post-modern times and Michael Haykin’s exposition of it in these pages is both timely and judicious. With the skill of John Owen, his treatment is intentionally trinitarian: God glorifying, Christ-centered and Spirit focused. With the added skill of a first-rate historian, Haykin mines the pages of history bringing breathtaking illustrative material to help us understand the biblical parameters of godliness. A timely book; but readers should beware: reading these pages may cost you dearly for it will require that you part with your dearest sins and in order that you may discover in Christ fullness, contentment and joy.’ Dr Derek W. H. Thomas, John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology, RTS, Minister of Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, USA, Editorial Director,

‘I warmly commend this timely, easy-to-read, informative and challenging book.’ Dr Philip H. Eveson, Principal, London Theological Seminary, London, UK

‘In this great little book, Michael Haykin introduces the reader to the central elements of a properly biblical spirituality. Of special note are his attention to the necessity of understanding trinitarian dimensions of the Christian life, and to the value of drawing on the great classics of spirituality of the past in order to live for Christ in the contemporary world. A delightful book to read and to give to friends.’ Dr Carl R. Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia, PA, USA

‘So many books on “spirituality” on the shelves of Christian and secular bookstores represent little more than new age labyrinth-walking or pseudo-spiritual pandering. Michael Haykin, one of the pre-eminent evangelical scholars in this and several other areas, brings a fresh, ancient approach to biblical spirituality. He restores to spirituality the Holy Spirit, and points us to Jesus Christ. Those who long for a closer walk with Jesus — and that should be all of us — will love this book.’ Dr Russell D. Moore, Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice President for Academic Administration, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, USA

‘A biblical, full-orbed view of true spirituality, founded in the Word and the Spirit, in contrast to the false spirituality that deludes so many today.’ Robert Strivens, Principal-Designate, London Theological Seminary, London, UK

Don’t Miss It!

October 1, 2007


Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity to look into how we as believers live in the public secular world. Ray Pennings, Jonathan Wellum, and Joe Boot, have done much thinking in these particular areas which should make this symposium well worth attending. Learn more about how we are to live as believers in this sin cursed world. See the PDF linked below for more information on this symposium. The best part? It’s free! Hope to see you there!